Unlimited colour spectrum

The RAUKANTEX color product range presents itself with an almost unlimited colour spectrum. All shades of colour, including the RAL chart, are available.

The mirror gloss effect is created by high gloss lacquering for ABS and PP edgebands. The right finish is given to the edgebands by finishing with material embossing or lacquer effects. RAUKANTEX impressions, the name of the collection, combines elegant decorative printing with a natural feel.

RAUKANTEX color provides distinct advantages over melamine or pulp wood edges during both manufacture and application. The solid-coloured material guarantees homogenous visual quality for the surface and the edgeband particularly in the radius machined area.



  • Wide range of colours including RAL chart
  • Finishing using RAUKANTEX impressions
  • Lacquering from ultra matt via decor gloss to mirror gloss
  • Also available as RAUKANTEX laser edge