RAUKANTEX magic 3D Granite


Impressive feel due to special process

The perfect imitation of natural materials is an important trend in current furniture design. As a result of this, increasingly high requirements in terms of a natural look and feel are placed on the design of the boards.

RAUKANTEX magic 3D "Granite" fulfils these requirements impressively:

The natural looking surface is deceptively similar to granite and, with the addition of colour pigments, a fascinating range of possible decorative designs is produced. The RAUKANTEX magic 3D "Granite" creates highlights both on fronts as well as on worktops.



  • Natural look and feel
  • Single colours and colour combinations possible
  • Fascinating range of possible decorative designs
  • No frame effect due to the solid colouring of the material and even distribution of the colour pigments
  • Also available as RAUKANTEX laser edge