Counterbalance mechanisms

Product range

Product range

Vertical brake:

  • Double function as a slam rail guide especially for small cabinets
  • Braking the run of the roller shutter on opening and closing
  • Braking effect on both sides and can be adjusted individually

Caddy brake:

  • Use in wooden cabinets with recessed or surface-mounted tracks
  • Patented brake module for direct installation
  • Easy assembly with minimum preparation effort
  • Opening direction from top to bottom
  • Possible to make adjustments from the outside in cabinets that have already been assembled
  • One brake per cabinet is sufficient; if necessary, assembly with a second brake opposite (on request)

C6 Vertical counterbalance mechanism:

  • Application in wooden cabinets with recessed or fitted tracks and running direction into the rear wall
  • Active weight balancing for opening from bottom to top
  • Simple solution with minimum space required in the cabinet

C8 Counterbalance mechanism:

  • Complete system for vertical use in wooden cabinets
  • Diverse application area
  • Active weight balancing of the tambour door in nearly every opening position
  • Minimum space required due to assembly on the rear of the cabinet
  • High flexibility in the choice of tambour door profiles
  • Retrospective assembly to completed carcasses from the outside possible