RAUVISIO crystal


Glass laminate RAUVISIO crystal

With  the surface  product  RAUVISIO crystal,  REHAU has achieved the ultimate in puristic design, a high quality glass effect material, but one which can be easily processed.

In order to ensure the best quality of pressed boards for our customers, REHAU not only supplies the pressed  RAUVISIO crystal board, but also the matching edgeband in real glass effect. The matching edgeband can also be supplied with a functional polymer layer suitable for zero joint technology.

RAUVISIO crystal is the first all round edged polymer glass to be AMG certified.

RAUVISIO crystal design collection



Advantages for the fabricator:

  • 10x more break-resistant than real glass
  • 50% lighter than real glass
  • Processable using conventional woodworking tools
  • RAUVISIO crystal components are AMK and TÜV tested
  • 100% flexible for your requirements: can be ordered as individual components, or pressed large boards
  • Seamless processing due to our ‘Zero Joint’ edging technology
  • High gloss surface finish
  • Lightfast and UV resistant
  • Narrow colour tolerances
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • All products available from stock

By creating the best possible match between laminate, edgeband and balancing sheet, REHAU uses its know how to create the ultimate high-end front and splashback solution in glass effect polymer – design coordination at its best!

Advantages for the end user:

  • Stylish, classic purity of design
  • Seamless processing due to our Zero Joint edging technology
  • Fronts, end panels and splash backs all available in the same design
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygenic surfaces
  • Impact resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Durable

Delivery Programme

RAUVISIO crystal - The product range

REHAU supplies the entire know-how package for producing high-quality fronts from one source. RAUVISIO crystal is delivered as a pressed board comprising of glass laminate, MDF board and matching balancing sheet. The material thickness of the wooden substrate is selected depending on the respective application.

Pressed Boards

RAUVISIO crystal is available in eight colours. The pressed boards can be supplied in overall thickness of 16mm (11mm MDF) or 19mm (14mm MDF). Other board thicknesses are available upon request.

The Co-ordinated Edgeband Collection

You can choose the matching edgebands for your front design for the pressed RAUVISIO crystal  boards from  the REHAU Express Collection.  Whether  you need a standard  edgeband  or a seamless zero joint technology edgeband – all edgebands are available from stock.

  • RAUKANTEX visions Duo-Design: The transparent top section of the edge- band creates the appearance of a delicate glass panel. This edgeband design is only suitable for Zero Joint Technology
  • RAUKANTEX mirror gloss: Mirror gloss solid colour edgeband, which should be applied with a 45° chamfer. This edgeband is available in both standard and seamless Zero Joint Technology supply format