3D effect edgebands

RAUKANTEX magic 3D – edgebands in new dimensions

There are new developments in the RAUKANTEX magic 3D range: The new products include decorative designs in a dual-gloss finish. Two different types of lacquer (gloss levels) create unique effects that support the overall design. These impressively original and creative new decorative designs – “Brushed Titanium”, “Foamed Metal” and “Rain” – are sure to fulfil even the highest standards. However, all these new products have retained the familiar properties for processing: They are easy to work around tight radii, have a finish that requires no reworking, a surface that can be polished and a decorative design that is retained when the radius is milled. A total of 21 decorative designs are now available ex stock for a dazzling result.


  • Three-dimensional depth effect
  • No frame effect
  • Can be used with the same decorative design or as a contrasting edge

Technical data and availability

Gloss level points:29
Lacquer type:Standard lacquer
Embossing:smooth/223, smooth/221
Dimensions:23 x 2 mm / 45 x 2 mm / 54 x 2 mm



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