Solid Colour

RAUKANTEX color – always find the right shade

Your customers’ requirements are increasingly individual. Meeting these requirements depends upon professional colour management. RAUKANTEX color helps you to always find the right shade.


  • Expansive range of colours
  • Visually consistent
  • No splitting or fracturing
  • Impact resistant
  • Good chip board coverage
  • No contamination of the milled edge
  • No delamination in damp conditions

Technical data and availability

Material:ABS, PVC
Gloss level points:6 to 75
Lacquer type:flat matt lacquer to high-gloss lacquer
Edgeband thickness:0.4 x 2 mm



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REHAU Edgeband search

Edgeband search

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Sample service

Sample service

Order free edgeband samples from the RAUKANTEX collection.

Short-length service

Order RAUKANTEX edgebands from lengths of only one metre.

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