Real glass effect edgebands

RAUKANTEX visions – glass on a roll

With RAUKANTEX visions, REHAU has combined the unique appearance of real glass with the practical properties of polymer materials. The addition of a bevelled edge further strengthens the impression of real glass and the polished surface allows light refraction, a typical property of glass. The appearance of a real glass panel can be best emulated in combination with panels/laminates of the same finish.


  • Looks like real glass, but has greater impact resistance and is lighter
  • Depth effect without a frame effect
  • Can be used with a matching colour or used as contrast edgeband

  • Diverse colour variants, harmonised with on-trend panels/laminates

Variants, technical data and availability

Designation:RAUKANTEX visions
Stufendesign V-Nut


RAUKANTEX visions Stufendesign V-Nut

RAUKANTEX visions Duo-Design


RAUKANTEX visions is specially processed to have the same look and effect as real glass.

The upper part of this edgeband is glass colour and the lower part is finished in a stainless steel or aluminium look. In combination with a surface of the same colour, the impression of a glass panel mounted on a metallic base is created.The RAUKANTEX visions Duo-Design edgeband range is made of PMMA material to give a seamless appearance at the front and create the impression that a glass plate is mounted flush on it.                                                                                                
Gloss level points:29
> 85
Lacquer type:Standard lacquerSuper high-gloss lacquer or decor glossMirror gloss, high-gloss
Dimensions:23 x 2 mm / 45 x 2 mm / 54 x 2 mm23 x 1,3 mm / 45 x 1,3 mm23 x 1,5 mm
pure           plus            pro

pure           plus            pro


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