Translucent edgebands

RAUKANTEX lite – light provides the feel-good factor

RAUKANTEX lite comes from the RAUKANTEX magic 3D product family. However, in addition to its conventional use, the edgeband can also be used for in-mould illumination. When switching on the LEDs, the light shines through the translucent areas of the edgeband. The application can also be modified to suit a honeycomb panel. Every counter, every shelf base is transformed into a unique gem with RAUKANTEX life providing a cosy atmosphere thanks to its indirect lighting.

The edgeband, whose central area is translucent, is laid over the panel. In the case of free shapes on CNC machinery (glue application to the edge), a recessed glue application roller must be used which leaves the central area of the edge free. Please observe the LED manufacturer’s life and processing instructions as well as the suitability of LEDs for installation into wooden materials.


  • Can be used for back-lighting

  • For a stylish ambience

  • Creates fascinating light effects on furniture

  • Also suitable for honeycomb panels

Technical data and availability

Gloss level points:> 85
Lacquer type:mirror gloss
Dimensions:45 x 2 mm / 54 x 2 mm




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