Edgebanding: Radiusing

RAUKANTEX external and internal planes

Once the edgeband has been cut flush to the panel with the RAUKANTEX cutter, the RAUKANTEX external and internal planes are used to affix radii on straights and external/internal radii of the panel contour. These planes can also be used to remove chatter marks after using a router.


  • Remove chatter marks after using a router
  • Easy to handle
  • Low noise

Technical data

  • Can be used for all standard edgeband materials (except PMMA)
  • Height of scraper can be adjusted to the required radius
  • Pre-milling required with the manual router for 3 mm radii.
  • Edgeband width: any
  • Edgeband thickness: 2 mm or 3 mm (corresponding to the scraper used)

Included in: RAUKANTEX cutter set

Replacement parts: Scrapers 2 mm / 3 mm (article number: 12478771001 / 12478171001)


PP, ABS or PVC RAUKANTEX edgebands can be finished easily and effortlessly using the RAUKANTEX cutter set. Cutting away overhanging edgeband from straight contours as well as internal and external radii is no longer a problem.


  • RAUKANTEX cutter
  • RAUKANTEX external and internal planes
  • Two 2 mm scrapers

Festool KB-KA 65 sys edgebanding set

The comprehensive Festool KB-KA 65 SYS edgebanding set in conjunction with the CONTURO KA 65 edgebanding machine helps ensure edgebands are applied perfectly for a flawless finish.


  • Edgeband magazine
  • Additional roller
  • Guillotine
  • Scraper
  • Scratch protector with three felt pads
  • HSK 80x133 sanding block
  • 5x polishing felt pads
  • 20x StickFix BR2 80x133 P320 sanding pads
  • 5x StickFix S 800 sanding pads
  • MPA 6000 polishing agent

Products required

  • Festool CONTURO KA 65 edgebanding machine