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Due to your particular monitor settings, edgeband colours and designs may look slightly different on the screen than in actuality. To counter any discrepancy, we have introduced a free RAUKANTEX sample service. The original edgebands provide a genuine impression of material, quality, feel and colour. Use these samples to ensure you have a perfect match between your chosen edgebands and panels, by feeling the embossed design and checking the gloss level and quality of pattern. The sample service encompasses both the Basic Collection and our Premium Selection – a portfolio of currently popular edgeband options. These glass, metal or 3D-look edgebands are sure to privide inspiration and give your furniture an individualised, unique feel.

Edgeband search and sample service

Here’s how:

  • Find the edgeband you’d like to look at. Please note that edgeband samples sent out have no coating and are in standardised dimensions.
  • Click on the shopping basket symbol to select it.
  • Enter your address on the form and send it off.

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REHAU Edgeband search

Edgeband search

Find perfect combinations in just a few clicks: Edgebands for more than 15,000 panels and laminates.
Short-length service

Short-length service

Order RAUKANTEX edgebands from lengths of only one metre.
Uncompromisingly invisible joints

Uncompromisingly invisible joints

RAUKANTEX pro has a 100% polymer functional layer to ensure a lasting invisible joint.
Product ranges

Product ranges

Make your ideas and individual requirements for modern furniture design a reality with edgebands from REHAU.