Acoustic room planning

pCon.planner: Visually and acoustically design office spaces on the screen


The pCon.planner is a 2D/3D room planner with which professional, three-dimensional room designs and photo-realistic visualisations can be produced. REHAU’s acoustically effective RAUWORKS screen products and RAUWORKS partition walls have been on this platform since 2014. Office furniture manufacturers, dealers, architects, interior designers and facility managers can plan spaces precisely using flexible RAUWORKS products.

The pCon.planner now also contains an additional, acoustic plug-in, for acoustic room design – a long-standing issue of particular interest to specialist retail.

Alongside the visually appealing office space furnishings, to which RAUWORKS also contributes, the overall plan for a given room also features visual and argumentative depictions of the intended acoustics. A valuable additional for the specialist trade, office furniture manufacturers and architects.