Glass laminate

RAUVISIO crystal: 50% lighter than real glass

50% lighter than real glass

RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate is significantly lighter than glass and opens up a whole new world of design options.

RAUVISIO crystal mirror
RAUVISIO crystal

100% flexibility to meet your specifications

RAUVISIO crystal can be ordered as single components, large sized sheets, or finished components.


Easy production

Make one-off individual cuts and drilled holes with your usual woodworking tools, with no fear of breakages and no waste

10 times more break-resistant than real glass

Reduced susceptibility to impact and fracture means that up to 20% less product is wasted.

RAUVISIO crystal

Top quality

Edged RAUVISIO crystal components are AMK-tested and TÜV-certified.

RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate

Inspiration and innovation are the foundation of furniture design. New ideas require new products and production options. So REHAU has taken a whole new look at just what a furniture surface can be. The RAUVISIO crystal product range revolutionises the market for glass applications. This surface material combines the advantages of real glass and fully compensates for the disadvantages of real glass whilst going one step further by offering the positive properties of thermoplastic laminates.

REHAU’s RAUVISIO crystal represents maximum flexibility for manufacturing fronts, splash backs and glass-effect solutions. Kitchens, bathrooms and living areas can dazzle with a perfect fusion of design and high-quality glass-look elements.