RAUVISIO crystal magnetic

RAUVISIO Crystal magnetic glass laminate

RAUVISIO crystal magnetic glass laminate impresses with its possible applications. The magnetic function, is due to a thin magnetised steel inlay, which is not visible on the material. This allows RAUVISIO crystal wall panels to fit perfectly for any room application. Whether used with a magnetic strip for the kitchen or as a whiteboard in the office – RAUVISION Crystal magnetic gives you a wide range of design possibilities.

RAUVISIO crystal magnetic advatages

RAUVISIO Crystal Magnetic has a number of product advantages for processing and applications:

Magnetic Adhesive

Magnetic Adhesive
All decors are available with a magnetic option (Neodymium required)

Flexible processing

Flexible Production
Able to be produced with woodworking tools


High break and scratch-resistant

Frameless application

Frameless application
Sophisticated Design for use in offices and living rooms


You have the ability to write on high loss surfaces with white board markers or you can use chalk on matt surfaces.

Low maintenance

Easy to clean
Residue-free, easy cleaning thanks to dirt-insensitive coating

PEFC certified

Guaranteed sustainability
RAUVISIO is made withwood-based materials and meets the PEFC- integrated supply chain for sustainable forestry.

RAUVISIO crystal magnetic product rage

RAUVISIO crystal magneticis available as a panel or as a pressed sheet with the following dimensions 2.800 x 1.250 x 4,2 / 19,5 mm.

RAUVISIO crystal magnetic panel

RAUVISIO crystal magnetic compressed large sheet

RAUVISIO crystal slim magnetic
4.2 mm thin magnetic adhesive panel
RAUVISIO crystal magnetic
Compressed large sheet 19.5 mm

RAUVISIO crystal magnetic colour collection from stock

RAUVISIO crystal magnetic is available in 11 colours. All colours can be ordered in a high gloss or matt finish.

high gloss V2778
matt 1696L
high gloss V2892
matt 1697L
high gloss 73703
matt 1698L
high gloss 1683L
matt 1699L

RAUVISIO crystal: Perla

RAUVISIO crystal: Magnolia

RAUVISIO crystal: Corniola

high gloss 1684L
matt 1700L
high gloss 1685L
matt 1701L
high gloss 1687L
matt 1703L
high gloss 1686L
matt 1702L
RAUVISIO crystal: Menta

RAUVISIO crystal: Azzurro

RAUVISIO crystal: Sabbia

RAUVISIO crystal: Fumo

high gloss 1910L
matt 1911L
Zuccero metallic
high gloss 1923L
high gloss 1721L

RAUVISIO crystal: Nebbia

Zucchero metallic

RAUVISIO crystal: Mirror