RAUVISIO crystal slim

RAUVISIO crystal slim glass laminate

REHAU has developed the extra-thin RAUVISIO crystal slim glass laminate so you can offer the glass-like look of RAUVISIO crystal as splash backs, wall cladding, front filling and similar applications. For use in kitchens and bathrooms, this polymer glass laminate combines the advantages of real glass with the useful properties of thermoplastic furniture laminates.

RAUVISIO crystal slim has a scratch-resistant UV-coating, making it extremely hard-wearing. The specially developed balancing sheet is perfectly colour-coordinated with the glass laminate and ensures minimal warpage of the laminated board.

Benefits of RAUVISIO crystal slim glass laminate

RAUVISIO crystal slim: Slimline laminate construction

Slimline laminate construction

The slimline laminate construction of RAUVISIO crystal slim allows for a wide range of sleek applications, such as splash backs, wall cladding and partitions or as infill for front panels.

RAUVISIO crystal: 50% lighter than real glass

50% lighter than real glass

RAUVISIO crystal slim glass laminate is lightweight enough to open up a whole new world of design options.

RAUVISIO crystal slim: Flexible sawing and drilling

Flexible sawing and drilling

In contrast to real glass, RAUVISIO crystal slim offers flexibility and convenience during on-site installation. For example, exact recesses for electrical elements such as power sockets can be measured and cut at the last minute.

RAUVISIO crystal slim: Suitable for refurbishing mirror tiles

Suitable for refurbishing mirror tiles

RAUVISIO crystal slim is ideally suited for use in the renovation of tiled areas, including in wet room applications. Because it can be processed easily with all standard woodworking tools, it can be cut on site as needed.

RAUVISIO crystal slim colour collection ex-stock

RAUVISIO crystal slim is available in eleven colours. All colours are available in matt and high-gloss.

high-gloss V2778
matt 1696L
high-gloss V2892
matt 1697L
high-gloss 73703
matt 1698L
high-gloss 2015L
matt 2016L

RAUVISIO crystal: Perla

RAUVISIO crystal: Magnolia

Farbe Piano für das Glaslaminat RAUVISIO crystal

high-gloss 1684L
matt 1700L
high-gloss 1685L
matt 1701L
high-gloss 1687L
matt 1703L
high-gloss 1686L
matt 1702L
RAUVISIO crystal: Menta

RAUVISIO crystal: Azzurro

RAUVISIO crystal: Sabbia

RAUVISIO crystal: Fumo

high-gloss 1910L
matt 1911L
Zuccero metallic
high-gloss 1923L
high-gloss 1721L

RAUVISIO crystal: Nebbia

Zucchero metallic

RAUVISIO crystal: Mirror


RAUKANTEX Edgebands: REHAU has the perfect edgeband for all surfaces.