Metal-effect tambour door

RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour door: A classic design

This RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour door system combines the premium metal effect of solid aluminium or stainless steel with the convenient, functional characteristics of polymer tambour door systems.

With slats 20 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm wide and a broad range of accessories, RAUVOLET metallic-line is an outstanding option for creative interior design.

Benefits of RAUVOLET metallic-line

  • Aluminium combined with ecological propylene
  • Pleasant feel and high-quality, exclusive look
  • REHAU element technology makes sure of light, quiet running
  • Versatile design thanks to 20 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm slat widths
  • Coordinated balancing mechanism for vertical use
  • Available as ready-to-install set

Model details for RAUVOLET metallic-line


Horizontal and vertical application for offices, living areas, kitchens

Track system for horizontal application

Rear wall/side wall recessed CLASSIC

Rear wall recessed FLEX

Rear wall/side wall top-mounted TOP

Rear wall/side wall front-mounted FRAME

Mechanism for vertical application

Caddy brake

C6 vertical balancing mechanism

C8 vertical counterbalance mechanism

C3 installation kit, C3 roller mechanism

C-box cassette system, C3 coiled

C-box cassette system, spiral


Thickness: 8 mm

Width: 20 mm or 25 mm; 50 mm available only as standard set



Brushed stainless steel

Delicate, purist, a perfect match for RAUVOLET metallic-line:
Frame4 track system