40 years of experience with telecommunication cable ducts

For backbone, backhaul and access

From long-distance networks and local networks to house connections – we have the cable protection solution you are looking for:

  • Cable ducts made from PP or PVC and flexible pipe systems made from PE-HD for traffic routes, airports and tunnel construction
  • RAUDUCT and RAUDUCT EVMR are multi pipe solutions for pipe in pipe and direct burry to protect delicate fibre optic cables, separate different networks or increase capacity via subsequent cable replacement
  • RAUSPEED micro ducts as single ducts and bundle solutions for pipe in pipe and direct burry applications
  • RAUSPEED Inhouse for glass fibre distribution within buildings

Your benefits: One-stop shopping with REHAU

One system – one supplier

Rely on a system that includes everything you need for a passive network, from the backbone to the glass fibre distribution within the building itself:

  • Outstanding quality
  • Speed of installation
  • Cost reduction through pipe in pipe and direct burry solutions
  • Rated ‘VERY GOOD’ by Deutsche Telekom AG for jetting in capability of our RAUSPEED pipes

Areas of use

Latest: Fibre network deployment

Full Fibre coverage of the UK by 2033

In July 2018 the UK Government announced an ambition plan to cover all UK premises with a glass fibre connection by 2033. As a first mile stone 6 million homes will be connected by 2020. Rolling out full fibre will enable the transition to a Gigabit society and it’s associated benefits.

Plan for the future and save up to 80%

By using existing infrastructure like empty ducts or employing a dig once policy can save up to 80% of underground construction costs. The fibre optic cables can be blown in later with no need for civil engineering work. Our RAUSPEED micro ducts can be used for pipe in pipe and direct burry applications. Thanks to careful calibration and high material quality RAUSPEED micro ducts can be used years after initial installation for further glass fibre deployment.

Personalised advice for your comprehensive worry-free broadband package.

Our expertise in fibre network deployment gives you the edge. We will be happy to provide you with no-obligation advice on funding, planning and tenders, and will assist you throughout your project. One call is enough.

System overview: From the backbone to the socket

Opt for pipes from a comprehensive modular system. Benefit for you: All elements are seamlessly coordinated with each other in the network.


1. PE-HD cable ducts
2. RAUDUCT (EVMR) multi cable ducts
3. REHAU plug-in fittings
4. Permanent end plug
5. PVC cable ducts
6. PP cable ducts
7. Flexible bends
8. Swept-T-branch

Distribution level

9. RAUSPEED duct bundle
10. RAUSPEED microducts
11. RAUSPEED divisible connector
12. RAUSPEED multiple sealing element
13. RAUSPEED multiple sealing element DN 100/DN 110

House connection

14. RAUSPEED permanent connector and end cap
15. RAUSPEED permanent connector and end cap
16. RAUSPEED branch support
17. RAUSPEED wall entry
18. RAUSPEED sealing element
19. RAUSPEED Inhouse

REHAU sales offices

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