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REHAU Underfloor Heating

Warmth is not just about floor heating!

Create your own ambient temperature!  REHAU's floor heating systems allow you to regulate your individual room temperature, in a space saving and energy efficient way. The advanced control system, REHAU Easy Control, offers you the same response times as radiators and provides comfortable radiant heat evenly in the room.  In so doing, the space becomes the heating. 

A control unit, thermostat and high-tech pipe are essential elements to modern underfloor heating.

REHAU Easy Control

REHAU Easy Control

A mechanical control unit regulates the water flow temperature into floor heating systems, without the need of unsightly manifolds.  This offers faster response times than traditional floor heating systems.

REHAU Wall Thermostat

REHAU Thermostat

You can customise your desired temperature in any room - with an easy to use room control.

A familiar and user friendly interface in each room gives you the flexibility to control the warmth throughout your home. 



Hot water flows through pipes made of a high-tech material and heats the surface where the pipes have been laid. The result: comfortable heat, and less energy required than conventional heating systems.

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REHAU Underfloor Heating

Why use it?

There are sound reasons for choosing floor heating.
Underfloor Heating for Every Room of Your House

Where can you use it?

Flexible heating for new builds, renovation projects, ground floor and first floor.
REHAU Underfloor Heating

Which system?

With a variety of different underfloor heating systems on offer, you'll be sure to find one to suit your needs.
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