Advantages of REHAU floor heating

Advantages of REHAU Underfloor Heating

Cosy, Comfortable, Energy Efficient.

There are many benefits to REHAU floor heating: 

Make your room a heater!
In contrast to conventional radiators, floor heating ensures a uniform distribution of heat. A temperature of about 20 degrees is sufficient to achieve comfortable warmth. This will improve comfort and save energy, a reduction in room temperature by just 2 degrees can save up to 10 percent of heating costs. 

Avoid cold spots by using floor heating!
The same principle that makes underfloor heating so enjoyable, also helps prevents the creation of thermal bridges, which can encourage mould growth and damage. Underfloor heating results in better heat circulation, thereby reducing the possibility of cold spots that can cause drafts and encourage the growth of mould. The outcome: safe and healthy living. 

Enjoy healthier air!
The even distribution of floor heating reduces air movement and allergen circulation, thereby reducing the amount of dust and dust mites in the ambient air.  The result: a healthier indoor climate!

Invisible heating!
Floor heating systems are invisible: they disappear into the floor. Thus, they open up new design possibilities and create more living space for you and your family to enjoy. 

Enjoy comforting warmth whilst using cool water!
Less hot water is required to heat an open space using floor heating. Floor heating systems warm water at a temperature of less than 35 degrees, creating a more pleasant temperature than radiators. This saves energy and provides comfort.

Conclusion:  REHAU floor heating is comfortable, good for your health and the building envelope – it uses a lower water temperature, helping to save up to 20% on heating costs.

Simply contact your local REHAU installer. 

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