REHAU Easy Heat - Domestic Underfloor Heating

Flexible heating!

REHAU underfloor heating systems are ideal for every application: new builds, renovations, or special applications. Find the bespoke solution that fits your needs and see how REHAU can help you benefit from all the advantages of underfloor heating!

Underfloor Heating in New Build Homes

New Build

New build houses are the ideal candidates for underfloor heating, as it can be incorporated into the plans right from the start. Furthermore, it is not limited to just downstairs, as REHAU underfloor heating offers solutions giving you the flexibility of having underfloor heating in every room, on every floor!

Underfloor Heating for House Renovations


Do you intend to modernise your home? Then REHAU underfloor heating is right for you! REHAU underfloor heating offers the right system for you -  wet or dry systems, timber joist solutions, low height solutions - for any renovation. REHAU can help realise a modern heating solution for your home quickly and easily!

Underfloor Heating for Special Applications

Special Applications

REHAU offers a flexible solution for more difficult installations. For more information please contact your local installer.

Floor Heating

How does it work?

Everything you need to know about how underfloor heating works.
REHAU Underfloor Heating

Why use it?

There are sound reasons for choosing floor heating.
REHAU Underfloor Heating

Which system?

With a variety of different underfloor heating systems on offer, you'll be sure to find one to suit your needs.
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