Frequently Asked Questions

How much space is required for floor heating?

Floor heating is practically invisible. It is installed in the floor, which gives you, the homeownwer, plenty of scope for the design of your home.


Is it possible to install floor heating in all builds? 

Floor heating is suitable for almost all applications at home. Whether it's new build, a renovation, or a special application such as the attic, surface heating is always a good decision. The biggest design possibilities are of course in new builds, however every room can be designed individually. Underfloor heating in the bathroom, hallway, bedrooms and the living room - the degree of freedom is unlimited.


Is the installation of floor heating systems expensive? 

The installation of the heating is fast for skilled craftsmen, as well as being safe and easy. All components are designed for the rigours of the construction site so that problems do not occur. REHAU offers a complete system, where all components are complementary - an advantage during installation and operation.


Which installation types are there? 

REHAU Underfloor Heating can be installed at home using different systems. No matter what type of installation you choose, there are always special systems for new construction and renovation, for wet and dry construction. So the system adapts to your heating needs and not vice versa!


Is this type of heating suitable for people with allergies? 

Yes, floor heating systems are particularly allergy-friendly. Dust and dust mites are not agitated as with radiator systems, the heat distribution is even in rooms with floor heating. Floor heating systems let the air come to rest, which decreases the percentage of house dust mites in the atmosphere. This significantly reduces dust allergy complaints.


What pipes are used for the REHAU floor heating? 

REHAU Underfloor Heating uses proven RAUTHERM S pipes. These are pressure-resistant, oxygen-tight and robust, made from high-tech PE-XA material. The use of these pipes ensures a secure system for your heating, which is further enhanced by REHAU EVERLOCTM jointing technology.


What floor coverings can be combined with a surface heating/cooling? 

Basically there are no limits to the choice of flooring. Ceramic tiles, textile floor coverings, parquet or plastic coverings are possible options. But stone, clinker or ceramic surfaces are best in combination with floor heating systems.

Only floor coverings approved by the manufacturer for use with underfloor heating should be used.


Are high water temperatures needed for floor heating? 

No! In contrast to radiator systems, REHAU heating uses significantly lower water temperatures to comfortably heat a room. Radiator systems need a temperature of about 70° Celsius, whereas floor heating requires a temperature of about 35° Celsius. The principle is clear: more heating is achieved with less hot water. This is not only energy saving, but also good for the environment - and still increases your comfort!


Does REHAU provide the appropriate accessories for floor heating? 

Yes. REHAU offers a comprehensive range of floor heating products. From the pipes for each of the systems to the room controller, REHAU can supply everything you need for optimal use of floor heating.


Can I set individual temperatures in every room? 

Yes, this is quite simple. With the room controllers by REHAU, you can adjust the desired temperature in every single room. The controller is easy and simple to use.


Who can I contact if I am interested in floor heating from REHAU? 

Please contact a local specialist in your area, they will gladly help you!