Garden hose accessories

It doesn’t get more practical than this: REHAU garden watering accessories

For safe, space-saving storage and convenient transport of REHAU garden hoses, our extensive range of garden watering accessories is at your disposal.

Keep gardens tidy with the mobile hose carts and hose holders, as well as the wall-mounted hose hangers and the clever and versatile automatic hose reel. The practical hose and cable guide or the new wall-mounted hose guide provide convenience by guiding your hose around corners and the walls of your home. At the same time, they protect both your garden plants and the hose itself.

With the electronic water timer and the irrigation controller, gardening enthusiasts can enjoy their leisure time in the garden to the full. These intelligent systems ensure that watering always takes place at the right time, fully automatically and with the correct volume of water.

Garden watering accessories product range

The REHAU accessories range for the garden irrigation provides convenience, order and safety whether it is during storing hoses or transporting hoses.The tried-and-tested three-stage garden hose categorisation system – PREMIUM, COMFORT and ALLROUND – is also used for our accessories.

Hose cart: made of polymer or entirely of metal for the convenient and mobile transporting of garden hoses.
Hose holder: with no wheels and therefore especially compact for reaching even the smallest corners of the garden.
Wall-mounted hose holder: a classic storage option made of polymer or entirely of metal, which is supplied with the necessary mounting accessories.
Hose and cable guide: protects garden plants and conveniently guides the garden hose around corners and the walls of your home.
Automatic hose reel: innovative hose storage with a locking and winding device for the quick, convenient and tidy use of garden hoses.



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Diagonal Reinforcement

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