ALLROUND Garden Hose Fittings

ALLROUND fittings for garden waterin

The garden watering fittings in the ALLROUND series are especially affordable all-rounders. This wide range of products was designed to meet the requirements of hobby gardeners and is compatible with virtually all standard polymer watering systems on the market.

ALLROUND fittings product range

Starter set: including tap connector with reducer, quick hose connector, waterstop connector and spray gun

Spray gun: from the multi-functional spray rose through to the pulse sprinkler

Oscillating sprinkler: made of shock-proof polymer with 15 spray openings and adjustable spray widths

Static sprinkler: with 8 adjustable spray patterns

Rotating sprinkler: with precision nozzles and continuously adjustable spray range

Ground pike sprinkler: with 5 adjustable spray patterns for circular irrigation

Connecting piece: from waterstop connectors via tap connectors through to spray guns
System connector: fittings for connecting and joining hoses

Tap connections: connections with reducers, for unthreaded water taps and water taps with a flat design

Professional connection fittings: for connecting with 19 mm (3/4") water hoses with up to 25% increased water flow, not compatible with commercially available push-fit systems

Angled tap connection: to prevent that the hose kinks on the water tap

Flow reducer: to reduce the water flow and pressure, ideal for drip and soaker hoses



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