Brass Fittings

Garden hose fittings made of brass

With our brass fittings, the focus is on heavy-duty applications: these robust brass fittings are extremely fracture-proof and hard-wearing. Alongside use in the garden, they are also suitable for large market gardens and workshops.

The wide range of dimensions from 13 mm (1/2") up to 38 mm (1 1/2") allows connection to many different sizes of hose.

Brass fittings product range

Quick couplers: from hose connectors via couplers with male and female thread through to high-pressure couplers and branches with bayonet fittings made of hot-pressed brass and NBR seal

Quick hose spray gun: bayonet fitting hot-pressed brass with NBR seal, continuously adjustable from a fine mist to a full jet

Spray roses: professional quality for targeted plant watering

Threaded hose fittings: for connecting hoses and pumps to fittings

Hose clamps and clamping collars: to fasten hoses and coupling tubes or to join suction and high-pressure hoses

Hose connector and branch: to connect hoses with dimensions 13 mm (1/2") to 32 mm (1 1/4")
Water and ball valves: for precisely and safely release water



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