PREMIUM Garden Hoses

Technology and design united: PREMIUM Garden Hoses

Authentic and modern at the same time, reliable and exclusive, powerful and yet elegant: this may be the best way to describe our PREMIUM garden hoses. These hard-wearing watering hoses, with high-quality, 24-thread diagonal reinforcement, guarantee maximum flexibility, elasticity and plasticity.

The garden hoses also consistently retain their pressure resistance, even under extreme operating conditions, and are designed for intensive, continuous use in heavy-duty applications. The standardised stripe design in silver enhances the garden hoses’ appearance.


With its velvety, dark-red colour, the heavy and robust QUATTROFLEX PROFI garden hose is reminiscent of ripe berries in the garden or an evening sunset. The square edges of the garden hose ensure a good grip and excellent stability.

Special properties and area of use

Quality level:
Properties:Especially thick walls, square edges for a good grip
Applications:Market gardens, industry, construction, local authorities, sports facilities


QUATTROFLEX TOP is both striking and elegant, forming a perfect combination with carpets of roses or flowers thanks to its vibrant red colouring.

Special properties and area of use

Quality level:

Properties:Thick walls, very easy to handle, eye-catching with its refreshing red finish
Applications:Local authorities, sports facilities, hobby sector


The gleaming, golden-yellow QUATTROFLEX PLUS + garden hose brightens up the scenery for gardening enthusiasts. This watering hose is characterised by its durability and reliability – and now also features a PVC-free inner hose layer.

Special properties and area of use

Quality level:
Properties:Thick walls, very easy to handle, PVC-free inner hose layer
Applications:Local authorities, sports facilities, greenhouses and market gardens, fruit and organic cultivation, hobby sector (plots, raised-bed gardening, garden showers, pools, watering lawns)
QUATTROFLEX PLUS + hose assembly

Layers (from outside to inside):

  • Outer layer for UV stability and good tactile characteristics
  • 24-thread diagonal reinforcement for high pressure values
  • Intermediate layer for excellent stability and durability
  • Inner layer free of PVC and plasticisers


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Diagonal Reinforcement

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