Special Hoses

Use what is precious sparingly: special watering hoses

Water is the blue gold of the future – so it’s essential that we use it responsibly. Our cleverly devised special watering hoses help save water and money and supply the plants with exactly the right amount of precious moisture.

Soaker Hose

REHAU’s soaker hose is made of recycled material and specialises in the targeted and economical watering of rows of plants and planted borders. Thanks to its drop-by-drop release, water savings of up to 70% can be achieved. The soaker hose works at low water pressures, starting from 0.5 bar, and can be installed both above and below ground.

The watering hose is supplied in different lengths and comes equipped with fittings ready for connection. The soaker hose can be extended and shortened easily using a waterstop connector.

Drip Hose

The REHAU drip hose can be used both above and below ground and ensures that water is released to the plants uniformly. The built-in, pressure-compensated drip heads are a combination of a labyrinth seal and silicone membranes.

The drip hose comes supplied with the following fittings: tap connector, T-connector, end stopper, 16 mm x 21 mm coupling tube with male thread for connecting to tap connector.

Sprinkler Hose

The surface of the sprinkler hose contains numerous tiny cuts, which spray fine jets of water to sprinkle germinating crops or seedlings. At a water pressure of 2 bar, the spray width is 3 m – thanks to the uniform pressure distribution produced by the three-tube system.

For especially easy handling, the sprinkler hose is supplied in two different lengths with fittings ready for connection. Matching fittings mean that the sprinkler hose can be shortened or extended to suit your individual needs.



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Diagonal Reinforcement

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