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We have been waiting with baited breath to hear the final word from Paul Gerrard on his Passivhaus build in Queensland. At the end of the last update we knew he was hoping to move in on Christmas Eve and we have just had the news through that this was a success!

Paul and his family moved in just in time for Christmas, spending the day in their stunning new energy efficient home.

EE Windows Passivhaus Build Kitchen

Paul reports “we are so very happy with the finish, especially the glass which was all installed by Energy Efficient Windows and Phil French from Australian Insulated Glass.”

The glazing work was a massive undertaking for the team, it wasn’t just a case of installing the easy to fit REHAU Windows and Doors. The building was specified with a glass pool fence, shower screens, splashbacks, mirrors, and even a glass floor; not to mention the huge aluminium shade screen on the front of the house. Beautiful glass balustrades line the elegant wooden staircase installed by Moar Windows and Doors, along with some internal wooden doors.

EE Windows Passivhaus Build Bathroom

The building was influenced heavily by Phil French who was a great source of information and help to the team. Along with Andrew Kerr from Polytron Glass who carried out all the custom lamination for the glass floor and striking switchable glass in the entry door.

They are yet to commission the ERV unit that measures the performance of the building in terms of temperature control, but are already feeling the benefits. Paul says “you can tell it is so much cooler inside already compared to the houses we work around on a daily basis.”

EE Windows Passivhaus Build Ensuite

Their final job will be the landscaping and driveway, and we expect these last touches will make the home even more spectacular. It has been a fantastic experience to follow this incredible project from start to finish, and we feel proud that our products have played their part in making this dream a reality. As soon as the house is fully functioning, we look forward to seeing Paul and his team market the concept to architects and home builders.

Contact the team to find out more about our accredited Passivhaus products designed for Passivhaus homes and commercial buildings. 

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