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PDS Windows Feature Installation May 2016 External Cream Windows

PDS Windows installed a full house of REHAU TOTAL70 sculptured profile with run through sash horns back in October 2015. The job needed to fit in perfectly with the original look of the building and after speaking with the customer at length, they decided together that white exterior profile would be best suited.

The internal colours were more difficult as the customer wanted each individual window to reflect the room it was to be installed. PDS spent a lot of time with the customers, showing them sample colours to choose from, and the conclusion was to settle on a variety of Cream and Rosewood finishes internally. When the windows were installed it was clear that the right decision had been made as each room looked fantastic.

PDS Windows Feature Installation May 2016 Internal Cream Windows

The customer explained on the first visit that he was looking to increase the energy efficiency of his stone property which naturally has a low energy rating. He had spent a lot of time researching different window styles and providers and had sought advice on what measures he could take to make this rating better. One of the top suggestions was to replace the old windows with energy efficient ones. After further research the customer decided the specification would be 44mm triple glazing which incorporated Clear Activ Self Cleaning Glass on the outer pane and the Pilkington KS range which meant that, coupled with REHAU Window profile, the final result would be an A+ rating.

PDS Windows Feature Installation May 2016 Rosewood

On completion, the customer was delighted with the outcome, and is already feeling the benefits thermally!

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