It's All About Sustainability

REHAU has championed sustainable manufacturing over many years and regards recycling as a strategic business objective.

Indeed, we have taken the sustainability challenge posed by PVCu and turned it to our advantage by investing in post-consumer recycling facilities and processes.

For example, co-extrusion (used in our TOTAL70 window profile) is an innovative method of using reclaimed PVCu materials to form the inside core of a new profile without compromising on quality.

It’s just one area in which we demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment, conserving resources, minimising waste and taking our global responsibilities seriously.

We continue to invest heavily in bringing new and sustainable solutions to market, striving to make our products not only robust, durable and energy efficient but equally environmentally friendly.


The Six Stages of Recycling a PVCu Window

With PVCR as part of the REHAU Group a strong focus can be put on economical innovation and sustainability.

REHAU continuously pursue innovation and the recent development of PVCR facilities allows for reuse of polymer window profiles that would otherwise have been placed in to landfill

For us, sustainability is the key to a successful future. We were the first company in the industry to introduce such a policy in 1988 and we are still profiting from our experience in this field now. The policy enables us to implement the qualified recycling of used PVC windows profiles to ensure that no resources are wasted. The material is collected, cleaned, shredded, sorted, in some cases re-conditioned, and ultimately used in the production of new window profiles.

Using this method of co-extrusion enables different PVC materials to be processed in the core of the profile and the outer skin. This is an innovative and sustainable process to produce top-quality window profiles. The use of recycled material means that valuable secondary raw materials can be re-used, which helps to protect the environment.

This enables us to combine our responsibility to act sustainably with our commitment to offer our customers the best range of products and thus enable them to act more sustainably themselves. Using this process, the window profiles retain their outstanding characteristics, creating a unique combination of first-rate quality, innovation and sustainability.

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