Aluminium Clad Curtain Walling

Bangor University Polytec 50 Curtain Walling Installation

This RIBA approved CPD covers the history and development of curtain walling systems and the types of glass facades that are possible, including those with alternative materials, such as aluminium clad curtain walling systems.

Design criteria form an integral part of this seminar. We focus on the various loads that need to be taken into consideration, such as wind load, as well as the need to test systems to tough industry performance standards, as set by the CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology). 

Given a glass facade's exposure to heat loss and gain, the thermal performance requirements of curtain walling systems are reviewed. Could we even meet the ultimate challenge of Passivhaus energy efficiency?

Standards and regulations feature, along with the various curtain walling finishes, which are illustrated at the end of the CPD with some installation case studies.

Key points covered:

  • Types of curtain walling systems including stick, ladder, unitised and structural glazing 
  • Design criteria 
  • Load calculations
  • Thermal performance, including Passivhaus standards 
  • Standards and regulations and the CWCT’s curtain walling performance criteria 
  • Aluminium clad curtain walling and alternative finishes

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The CPD lasts approximately 1 hour.