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For Polytec 50 Aluminium Clad Curtain Walling 

Passivhaus certified and CWCT tested REHAU Polytec 50 Curtain Walling is a composite stick system which offers a cost effective alternative to aluminium curtain walling. We have taken a triple strength approach to our system combining an aluminium exterior for an attractive design, a steel core for outstanding strength and structural capabilities, and internal PVCu for warmth and low maintenance. 

Polytec Explained

View the Polytec 50 Aluminium Clad Curtain Walling Animation
While the Polytec 50 Composite Curtain Walling system might look like an aluminium system from the outside, this animation reveals the clever secrets within...

Watch the Polytec 50 animation.

See the aluminium exterior being lifted off the curtain walling to reveal the steel sections which are at the core of the system and the PVC-U which is on the inside.

Learn about the structural benefits which come from using steel, which is up to three times stronger than aluminium sections with the same geometry, and the fact that the PVC-U interior is low maintenance, warm to the touch and available in any RAL colour.

Malcolm Taylor, Product Manager for Polytec 50 Curtain Walling

Malcolm Taylor, Product Manager, explains: 

“REHAU Polytec is a triple strength glazed curtain walling system which is unlike any other on the market.  It combines the inherent benefits of three materials to deliver real performance benefits over conventional aluminium systems but retains the slim sightlines and huge range of colour options which specifiers demand. For large spans in particular, it offers huge benefits and this quick one minute animation perfectly illustrates that.”


Polytec 50 Aluminium Clad Curtain Walling

REHAU Polytec 50 is a cutting-edge curtain walling system combining the properties of PVCu, aluminum and steel. This collaboration creates a triple strength glazing wall system that utilises each material's benefits. 

Curtain walling must withstand different load factors such as window and barrier loads, alongside the weight of the curtain walling itself. Strength is a key factor when fabricating these over-sized windows and REHAU's load bearing curtain walling is designed with a high strength steel core, making it stronger when compared to aluminium (on a like for like basis).

When considering the degree of structural displacement under a given load, rigorous tests have proven that the Polytec 50 composite system is three times stronger than an entirely aluminium system. 

With Passivhaus buildings becoming more and more popular, having a load bearing Passivhaus window solution is essential.

A curtain walling system needs to be robust to withstand severe weather conditions as well as have a high level of impact resistance.

Polytec 50 glazing walls achieve the following IFT Rosenheim Testing:

  • Water Tightness 1950 Pa (BS EN 12155)
  • Air Permeability 750 Pa (BS EN 12153)
  • Wind Resistance 2000 Pa (BS EN 12179)
  • Safety Test 3000 Pa (EN 13116)
  • Impact Resistance Pass I5 / E5 (EN 14019)


Thermal Efficiency

Glazed facades can span large areas and can therefore be a common source of heat loss. The thermally efficient Polytec 50 Aluminium Clad Curtain Wall has recently been tested and certified to the CWCT performance tests with excellent results for wind resistance and water penetration and has been certified by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany for outstanding thermal performance (phA / phA+). 

Polytec Curtain Walling can achieve a Uf Value as low as 0.74 W/m2K and Ucw Value of <0.8 W/m2K which means that less energy is needed to heat and cool a building, this saves money and helps lower the impact on the environment.

Read more about these accreditations.

Sound Rating

Polytec sound rating

REHAU engineers have specifically designed the Polytec 50 Curtain Walling system to achieve an exceptional sound rating allowing for a peaceful and comfortable internal environment. 

At just 43dB, it’s the perfect choice for a huge variety of developments from luxury new builds to large commercial projects. 


Yate Academy

Polytec 50 Curtain Walling has the popular external aesthetics of aluminium but with a steel core makes it a stronger alternative. Steel has an E-modulus three times greater than aluminium which allows the Polytec 50 curtain walling structural capabilities to easily outperform aluminium sections with the same geometry. 

REHAU accommodates for variable static factors by offering a wide range of steel profiles and a corresponding selection of snap-on profiles to aesthetically enhance the product to your own requirements. The aesthetic advantages don’t stop there. It is a slim system with sightlines at just 50mm, this allows for more view and less window, letting plenty of light into the building. A variety of aluminium caps are available in hundreds of colours which gives flexibility to achieve the wall glazing exterior styling you require.

Polytec 50 Curtain Walling has a wide range of glazing sizes from 6 – 40mm and a maximum glazing weight of 180kg.

Stick curtain walling is used in many circumstances such as commercial windows, office windows, shop windows, stairwell glass and in domestic installations; with this in mind we have designed our screen walling system with an aluminium external face to give a polished look. This also allows for hundreds of different powder coating colour options. Aesthetics and building shading can be made even better when brise soleil systems are added.


External Aluminium Face

  • Hundreds of different powder coating colour options (RAL Colours) or Mill / Anodised finish. 

Internal PVCu Face

  • PVC-U White RAL 9016 or a range of foiled options.  

Easy to Install

For installation ease, Polytec 50 Passivhaus Curtain Walling has the same profile acting as both transom and mullion, this helps to eliminate wastage, save costs and gives it another strong advantage over some aluminium curtain walling systems.  

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