Why Choose PVCu?

Benefits of using PVC

PVCu Energy Efficiency

PVCu Thermal Gain

Benefits of PVCu

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is a thermoplastic which means it can be re-melted and is therefore recyclable. Unlike the other thermoplastics which are entirely derived from oil, PVC is made from 57% salt which gives it some unique technical properties and helps it to deliver unbeatable value.

However, lingering negative perceptions about PVC are based more on ignorant prejudice than sound scientific facts. Full Life cycle assessments (LCAs) demonstrate PVC’s advantages versus alternative materials based on real sustainability criteria.

The document ‘12 Good Reasons to Specify PVC Products’ has been produced by the BPF (British Plastics Federation) Vinyls Group. It provides information on why PVC is hard to beat as a resource and cost efficient material.

REHAU PVCu window, door and curtain walling systems boast major benefits from both an environmental and practical point of view. Our PVCu systems have excellent thermal properties and can achieve high levels in energy efficiency. With an expected life of in excess of 35 years and the capability of recycling all PVCu parts at the end of their service, REHAU windows and doors play a significant part in delivering a reliable and sustainable future. REHAU PVCu window, door and curtain walling systems are very low maintenance, containing a unique compound resulting in a smooth gloss finish – guaranteeing that they will retain their pristine appearance. It also means that they will never warp, rot or need re-painting.

REHAU PVC window designs are supplied through a network of selected independent fabricators and installers, ensuring that you obtain the services of a local company backed by the resources of a global company.

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