District Heating Vanguards Network

Date: Wednesday 24th January
Time: 09:30 - 16:00
Venue: The Studio, Riverside West, Whitehall Road E, Leeds, LS1 4AW
Register for Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/district-energy-vanguards-network-developing-your-business-case-tickets-39872442549
Parking: Available at Citipark, 7 Whitehall Road, Leeds LS1 4AW

The UK District Energy Vanguards Network is hosting a free one-day workshop in Leeds on Wednesday 24th January 2018 that will provide a platform of expert speakers to address key areas to consider in building a business case. The event is specifically designed for local authorities and other public sector bodies developing district heating networks.

A robust business case is the essential cornerstone to the development of a heat network project. It will need to be built on a detailed technical evaluation and credible commercial structure, and meet the strategic objectives of your key decision makers. Investors, both public and private, will want to see a sound financial plan that is conservative in its assumptions, has been tested against potential risks, and will provide them with a return on capital.

These key areas will be discussed and debated in roundtable sessions that will give you the opportunity to network with local authority peers and learn from their collective experience. Topics and speakers will include:

Local, regional and national perspectives on heat networks:

  • Mags Tingey, Edinburgh University, presenting research on current energy activity by local authorities
  • Agneta Persson, Anthesis Sweden, on the regional benefits of heat networks
  • Robin Wiltshire, IEA, on international business models for district heating

Developing your business case:

  • George Robinson from BEIS' Heat Networks Delivery Unit, talking about HMT's Five Case Model and how to bring together the right team
  • Paul Moseley, Scottish Futures Trust, sharing thinking on business models from Scottish heat networks
  • Ruth Rule, Energy Direction, on selecting the right business model
  • Tina Buchanan, Tenco, exploring financial models and tariff structures
  • Caroline Bragg, Association for Decentralised Energy, on maximising revenues from power generation