REHAU Group: Thank you and best wishes for outgoing CEO Rainer Schulz

Bisheriger REHAU CEO Rainer Schulz

Bisheriger REHAU CEO Rainer Schulz

Today (on August 27th, 2018) the Supervisory Board of the globally operating REHAU Group bids farewell to the former CEO Rainer Schulz and thanks him for his dedication.

Rainer Schulz joined the REHAU Group in 2001 as head of the purchasing center. In 2006 he became Chief Operating Officer (COO) and, in 2009 he also took over the position as the Chairman of the Automotive Executive Board as Deputy CEO. From April 2010 he has been CEO of the REHAU Group.

"We are grateful to Rainer Schulz for his many years of service, his great personal commitment and his val-uable contribution to the company's development," said President Jobst Wagner on behalf of the entire REHAU Supervisory Board. "In particular, the reorganization of the group organization from a regional to a divisional setting as well as the forward-looking strategy and culture initiative REHAU 2020 are among his merits," says Wagner.


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