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How to prevent burglaries today

With Smart Guard, REHAU presents the first burglary prevention system


Life is becoming increasingly modern and smart solutions an increasingly integral part of it. To make windows smart as well and of course to be able to deter potential burglars, REHAU has developed the Smart Guard burglary prevention system. It is available from October in three different configuration levels and offers specialist window companies a real opportunity for differentiation. 
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Life is becoming increasingly modern and increasingly smart. Many things that were previously associated with great effort have become easier. Borrowing a film from the video store? With streaming, the film can now be selected and played conveniently from the sofa. Poring over the road map to find the fastest route to your holiday? Now done by the navigation system, even including avoiding traffic jams. But what about the windows that accompany each of us? Are they not changing? Yes, as polymer specialist REHAU has set itself the mission of developing windows that are as modern as everyday life. Windows that not only show you the world but that also provide fresh air when they are closed – and even that deter burglars before anything happens.

Modern prevention concept against burglaries

Security has always been an essential need. Where high walls stood previously, alarm systems should now protect from burglaries. The problem: when they sound the alarm, the damage has generally already occurred. For REHAU, that is too late, so the company is launching the Smart Guard burglary prevention system on the market in October 2018. It has an intelligent detection sensor, which registers potential burglars. Visual and acoustic alarm modules then signal to the offender that it is pointless even to attempt the burglary, because smart burglary protection acts as a deterrent before any damage can occur.

Solutions for different target groups

The REHAU Smart Guard system is available in three configuration levels and can therefore be adapted to the individual security needs of the customer. Depending whether the focus is on easy handling or a complete Smart Home solution is desired, the system enables the window processor to offer various solutions for specific target groups. What all variants have in common here is quick and easy installation.

The Smart Guard module is installed in the upper frame of the window or the balcony or patio door. The covers are available in white, anthracite, brown and caramel and therefore blend discreetly into the overall appearance. The system works by radio and battery power. Cables are therefore not required. This means that the module is suitable not only for new builds but also for renovation or retrofitting in existing GENEO or SYNEGO windows. In the basic version, the module works on its own and needs connecting to no other systems.

In the Smart Guard System Plus enhanced version, the visual and acoustic advance warning is complemented by an effective alarm siren inside. It is controlled simply from a wall switch, which reaches all modules at once with one press of a button. The sensor works with no cables or batteries and can be placed anywhere.

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Furthermore, REHAU provides a Smart Home system that can be extended in a modular way. This most comprehensive Smart Guard System Connect configuration level offers many additional options with the use of a Smart Home hub. Linking to your own Smart Home hub with the Smart Guard system markedly increases not only comfort but also personal security. If the alarm is triggered in a particular case, an individual alarm programme can be defined – from closing down the blinds to notification on your smartphone, anything is possible.

With the mediola® box (REHAU edition) as the Smart Home hub, REHAU deliberately relies on an open radio protocol that is compatible with many well-known manufacturers. The Smart Guard System Connect is controlled and configured intuitively via an app. Residents therefore have all Smart Home solutions conveniently in hand – at any time and anywhere.

Smart solutions as an opportunity for differentiation for any processor

The Smart Home market is constantly growing and has huge potential. With Smart Guard, REHAU offers its customers simple and sophisticated solutions to differentiate themselves and occupy a new segment. The company also supports its partners here with comprehensive sales promotion measures, for example such as advertisement or mailing templates, content packages for the website, saleroom equipment, training and much more.

Twice as smart: as windows now adapt to modern life thanks to intelligent solutions from REHAU, window processors can gain themselves a smart competitive advantage.

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