Low-noise building drainage

RAUPIANO PLUS with flow-optimised mouldings


The low-noise building drainage system RAUPIANO PLUS from REHAU offers the best sound insulation and fire protection. The new ‘max flow’ branches supplement the system with innovative mouldings for optimised flow rates and increase the range of connection options.

At first, it doesn’t seem difficult to select the right drainpipes. But the wrong pipes can disturb the residents’ peace and comfort with unpleasant draining noises – and this for many years. RAUPIANO PLUS from REHAU offers a solution. It excels with its sound insulation, convenience, fire protection, simple installation, low space requirement and with solutions for special applications. It also takes up little space, which is a benefit particularly in residential construction. In large projects, such as those in densely populated areas, even a small saved space per residential unit will result in a large benefit in the end.

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Optimised drainage

The single and double ‘max flow’ branches are now available, enabling higher flow rates in waste pipes. They allow multiple sanitary appliances to be connected with the same diameter, saving space during installation in the shaft. There’s no need to sacrifice valuable living space to the installation.

More safety with fire protection

With a variety of specifically developed solutions, RAUPIANO PLUS offers optimal fire protection and thus a high degree of safety. In case of fire, special fire stop collars provide a hermetic seal, which prevents the spread of smoke and fire with fire-resistant, partitioning walls and ceilings: Intumescent material starts to foam, closes the “breakthrough” area and forms a smoke- and fire-proof seal. The perfectly harmonised components ensure compliance with legal standards.

Tool-free installation of fire-protection tape

As a quickly installed and cost-effective alternative to traditional firestop collars, REHAU’s product range includes space-saving and sound-decoupling fire protection tape. These have fire resistance class R 120 as well as general building inspectorate approval, and from DN 40 to DN 110 they are prefabricated in the length of the respective pipe diameter. They are flush-mounted on the underside of the ceiling. One person is all it takes for a tool-free installation on site – simply cut and adhere without drilling or doweling. Only a single tape layer is required, which adheres immediately thanks to the continuous adhesive surface.

Optimal sound insulation and uniquely economical

RAUPIANO PLUS fulfils the highest requirements on sound insulation as per VDI 4100 and thus largely avoids disruptive flow noises. With a sound level below 20 dB (A), RAUPIANO PLUS can already today meet the requirements of tomorrow. The three layers of the pipes ensure reliable drainage while absorbing sound at the same time. A break-proof pipe installation is made possible by the three-layer construction even at –10 degrees Centigrade. The fittings are also hydraulically optimised. The structure-borne sound is decoupled by special patented fixing clamps. Reinforced bends provide mass precisely where it is expedient for sound insulation.

RAUPIANO PLUS also excels with its short installation time. The adapted push-fit socket connections and fitted lengths result in a time savings of up to 30 percent. The new pipe scaling makes the installation easier. Thanks to the German General Building Approval (fire protection), the pipes (RAUPIANO and RAUTITAN) can be installed in the smallest possible area, thus saving space – and money, especially for subsequent residential unit sales, particularly in large projects.

Those interested can find further information at www.rehau.de/raupiano

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