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Quick and easy manifold installation

Not a problem with the RAUTHERM SPEED HKV-D P polymer manifold.


The lightweight and practical heating manifold designed by REHAU has also been available in the German market since the beginning of 2020. It guarantees quick and easy installation and impresses with the compact and attractive design of its single manifold bar. At the start of this year, the polymer specialist added new accessories to its heating manifold product range.

The flow and return are separated thermally in the RAUTHERM SPEED HKV-D P polymer manifold and each has an integrated thermometer. The primary connection can be made horizontally or vertically, thus making it possible to respond flexibly in construction site situations. It also takes just a few quick steps to switch connection of the manifold from left to right once on site. 

The manifold is fitted with releasable SPEED connectors, making connection of the heating pipes quick, easy and safe. This comparison video shows how much easier installation is when using the compact manifold and reversible connectors: https://youtu.be/d13QCHrvvwA

The compact heating manifold is currently compatible with RAUTHERM SPEED 16, RAUTHERM SPEED K 16 and RAUTHERM S 17 pipes. Development plans are already underway to enable the connection of other pipe dimensions.

The RAUTHERM SPEED HKV-D P is pre-assembled at the factory and tested for water tightness. The flow meter is easy to read and can be cleaned during ongoing operation. Fitters can conveniently mount the manifold in the manifold cabinet by clicking it into place.

Expansion sets for an additional heating circuit and an extensive range of installation accessories complete the range. The polymer heat meter assembly set was introduced in April 2020 and has now been followed in January 2021 by the flex P controller set, available either with a thermostatic head or with actuator.

Further information can be found at https://www.rehau.com/de-de/verteilungstechnik-heizen-kuehlen

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