C&P Head Office
C&P Head Office
C&P Head Office

C&P Head Office - Graz, Austria

C&P Immobilien AG is the Austrian market leader for investment homes in the private sector. As a result of constant expansion, a new office building was erected in Graz Puntigam designed for both internal use and for renting out to third parties. The seven floors are heated by the REHAU Tacker underfloor heating system. In cool weather, lower concrete core tempering installed on-site is used for temperature control. A total of approximately 15,000 linear metres of RAUTHERM S pipe 17/20 was installed across nearly 2,500 m² of office space by Leipzig-based REHAU partners Kindermann GmbH. For the heating connection and hygienic drinking water supply, approx. 1,000 linear metres of RAUTITAN stabil pipe was integrated with the compression sleeve jointing system.

SiteGraz, Austria
Completion date 2017