Favorite - Kharkiv, Ukraine

FAVORITE has the concept of a club-type house - a total of 84 apartments and 168 parking places with space of 11902 m². Among newly built residential buildings its the most expensive one. Impressive territory near the building occupies more than 12.000 m².The elegant birch grove is framed by a landscape solution. There are also nearby: sports grounds, tennis courts, football stadium, children's attractions, multiplex, boutiques, shops and beauty salons for the most demanding tenants. Each of the three sections of the house is equipped with panoramic and cargo elevators. Each apartment has gas boiler with RAUTITAN stabil and flex pipes for radiator connections and RAUPIANO PLUS for sewage system. Spans of staircases are comfortably warm due to a floorheating system with RAUTHERM S 10 pipes.

SiteKharkiv, Ukraine
Completion date2017

RAUTITAN flex, stabil