Green Atrium - Trnava, Slovakia

Green Atrium is an exceptional residential building in a good location. It represents a new approach focussed on energy, ecology and community living. After it was established, Green Atrium had the lowest energy demand in Slovakia for its building type.

Apartments are mostly small at around 55 m2. Thanks to perfect insulation and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, the monthly maintenance costs for heating and hot water are negligible – almost zero. Green Atrium is a Brownfield development; it did not use any green or arable land, but was largely a revitalisation of an industrial property. Green Atrium is an outstanding visionary project for people who want energy security and sustainability, healthy food, a lively neighbourhood and harmonious living for their families.

SiteTrnava, Slovakia
Completion date2015

RAUTHERM S + Varionova