Energy-efficient planning from a single source – LEED-certified

The flagship project

The first “green home” in Hungary with LEED certification is located in Nagykovácsi, 15 kilometers from Budapest. Designed to be sold, the developer sought partners that would be able to fulfill the high requirements regarding energy efficiency and quality in the long term.

Our solutions: Heating and cooling
A REHAU underfloor heating system operated via a heat pump in combination with PE geothermal probes ensures a pleasant temperature in the green home. Meanwhile, AWADUKT Thermo air/geothermal heat exchangers control ventilation. The pipes laid underground use the temperature from the soil to heat the incoming fresh air in winter and cool it in summer. 

Comprehensive water management
Our RAUTITAN installation system guarantees excellent drinking water hygiene. RAUPIANO PLUS, our sound-absorbing above-ground drainage system, is used to dispose of waste water quietly, thereby enhancing quality of life.

Good reasons to opt for REHAU

  • Independent of external energy sources
  • Sustained reduction in energy and operating costs
  • Better air quality thanks to the AWADUKT Thermo’s antimicrobial inner layer
  • The use of RAUTITAN as part of the drinking water installation protects against microbial contamination via intelligent pipeline routing and ensures an 100% flow rate thanks to flow-optimized fittings.
  • Extremely quiet drainpipes thanks to RAUPIANO PLUS
  • By the way: installing RAUTITAN and RAUPIANO PLUS together saves precious space, as no additional room is required between the two 
SiteNagykovácsi, Hungary
Construction period2010
ArchitectÉva Treiner, Opusz Épitész Stúdió, Hungary 
Construction projectNew development
Type of buildingDetached house

Pipes and connection technology 

Air conduction 

RAUTITAN: For water and heat

Building drainage

Key termsHeat pump, underfloor cooling, ground-coupled heat exchanger, air/geothermal heat exchanger, LEED