Sonnenstein Castle | Pirna

Renovations while observing regulations on the protection of historical buildings and monuments

An architectural monument is revitalized as a modern district administrator’s office

Sonnenstein Castle is perched on a hill approximately 70 m above the Elbe Valley. It provides a sweeping view of the historic town center of Pirna. As part of a PPP project, parts of the complex, which is listed as an historical building and archaeological landmark, underwent major renovations. Meanwhile, the district administrative headquarters of the Saxon Switzerland Eastern Ore Mountains were renovated and expanded. The project was concluded at the end of 2011. The upgraded, highly functional administrative building now provides 500 workstations and meets strict energy standards.

Our solutions: Optimum acoustics and a pleasant indoor climate
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SitePirna, Deutschland
Completion date2011
Project managementARGE Schloss Sonnenstein Pirna mit Partnern Bilfinger Berger Hochbau GmbH und Dressler Bau GmbH
Construction projectRenovations
Type of buildingCastle
Usage Administration building
Products/SystemsAcoustic ceiling with integrated cooling system 
Key termsPassive cooling