The right temperature at all times: heating system with REHAU

Living on the Wasserband

The Petrisberg in Trier is a prime example of modern urban development. A lively neighborhood sprung up on this approx. 70 ha converted site. Located in the middle of the former premises used for the state garden show, it is now an ideal place to work and live. In addition to the WIP Science Park, which is used by service providers and research companies, the Suitedreams project was implemented on a plot of land by a strip of water known as the "Wasserband". The concept was to interweave the aspects of living and working in the same quarter. Suitedreams consists of condominiums with rooftop terraces located directly above offices with a view of the Wasserband. The building was designed by cba Christian Bauer & Associés architectes from Luxembourg, who won the urban development competition.

Our solutions: The right temperature for every area
The lower levels of Suitedreams – featuring basement garages, apartments and commercial units – were built via solid construction (KfW 70). The planners opted to install our RAUTITAN system for heating purposes. Levels 3 and 4, which consist of condominiums built via a frame mode of construction (KfW 55), were fitted with underfloor heating. Our VARIONOVA laying system was used for this.

Good reasons to opt for REHAU

  • Savings on installation costs thanks to the quick and flexible laying of our RAUTITAN heating installation system, along with our one-man VARIONOVA laying system for underfloor heating
  • 100% thermal insulation in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) due to preheated pipes
SiteTrier, Germany
Completion date2010
Architectcba Christian Bauer & Associes
Project managementegp Gesellschaft für urbane Projektentwicklung
Construction projectNew development
Type of buildingResidential building, office building

Verlegesystem Noppenplatte VARIONOVA

Heizungsinstallation - RAUTITAN 

Key termsUnderfloor heating/cooling, sanitary installation