The Crystal in London

The Crystal | London

The greenest conference center equipped with ceilings with integrated cooling system by REHAU

A cool head for energy-savers

The new Siemens center is probably the greenest building in the world at present. With an investment of around EUR 35 million, Siemens brought into existence a forward-looking building that sets new standards in sustainability. In addition to the world’s largest public exhibition on the future of urban spaces, “The Crystal” is home to a conference center and office spaces for in-house urban development experts and specialists from all over the world.

The sun reflects off the window fronts of The Crystal. Solar modules on the roof capture light and produce 20% of the electricity required for the building. This building, measuring over 6,300 m² in size, is a shining example of energy efficiency. At 83 kWh/m² on average, it consumes around 50% less energy and emits 65% less carbon dioxide than comparable office buildings. The Crystal is heated and cooled using close-to-surface geothermal energy.

Our solutions
Our high-performance ceiling elements with an integrated cooling system were installed in two conference rooms. These elements are connected to the cooling water system of a geothermal pump unit.

Good reasons to opt for REHAU’s high-performance ceiling with integrated cooling system:

  • Optimum indoor climate with no drafts or operating noise
  • Available in four different sizes, the active surfaces can be adapted to dimensions of the room.
  • Sustained reduction in energy and operating costs
SiteLondon, United Kingdom
Completion date2012
Project managementSiemens AG
ArchitectWilkinson Eyre Architects
Construction projectNew development
Type of buildingConference center
Products/SystemsCooling ceiling in dry construction
Key termsPassive cooling