Trabzon Şenol Güneş Medicalpark Stadion - Trabzon, Turkey

The Şenol Güneş Spor Kompleksi Medical Park Arena (abbreviation: Medical Park Arena) is a football stadium in the city of Akyazı of the Turkish province of Trabzon on the Black Sea coast. The Trabzonspor football club uses the arena as home stadium. The new venue replaces the Hüseyin Avni Aker stadium built in 1951. Building started on 8th December 2016. On 29th January 2017, the Medical Park hospital chain became the naming sponsor of the stadium. The contract lasts for five years and will generate a revenue of 25 million US dollars for the club Officially, the full name now is "Şenol Güneş Spor Kompleksi Medical Park Arena". For the new building, REHAU turf heating system with RAUTHERM S pipes has been used.


Trabzon, Turkey

Completion date2017