Interior fitting

Fire protection, electrical installation and acoustic solutions

Quick and simple installation – that is our strength

Commercial, office or living areas – our systems make work and life more comfortable and safe. As a building contractor, you can save operating costs through quick assembly and simultaneously invest in operationally reliable solutions.

Fire protection
For instance, our RAUTHERMO fire protection trunking system allows you to achieve maximum added value: Smoke protection + functional integrity + hazard prevention. It secures escape routes effectively in public buildings, office buildings, schools and parking garages.

Electric installations
Intelligent solutions for the working world with added benefits – our concept for developing power channels. Our SIGNO system allows you to save time, stock issues and assembly costs. The self-explanatory module principle for device installation, cladding and accessories makes assembly easy and operationally reliable.

Acoustic solutions
Greater peace and quiet, more productivity. Acoustic conditioning is playing an increasingly important role in the construction or modernization of office buildings. Ultimately, it is vital for well-being at the workplace. As a one-of-its-kind in its class, our patented RAUVOLET acoustic-line cabinet shutter system absorbs sound linearly throughout the entire frequency range – for effectively working in desk sharing offices or open-plan offices.