Local heating

Pathways for regenerative energy supply

Benefit from our experience

As a market leader in local heating, we have already implemented our expertise successfully in many projects: From communal heating networks to isolated networks and bio-energy villages. Your advantage: As a partner, we support you in all project phases with our planning experience and, of course, our product knowledge. As an internationally-active company, we collect inspiration worldwide to advance innovations that also benefit your project.

Our promise

100% technology expertise
We are specialists: Ranging from material research and development to solutions for subsequent connection as well as on-site application engineering.
100% project support 
We take a holistic view of projects: We guide you in the idea phase, in planning, as well as part of workshops at the construction site or with tips on current funding regulations.
100% network efficiencyLocal heating networks have great efficiency potential. With our support, you can avoid heat losses and oversizing.