Sanitary installation

The space-saving product line with double the benefits

Aktivhotel Wöscherhof - REHAU Gebäudetechnik im Schwimmbad

Drinking water and waste water systems from a single source

Our RAUTITAN drinking water system provides its users with the best drinking water hygiene and 100% flow rate thanks to optimized fittings. RAUPIANO PLUS appeals to them with its extremely quiet waste water pipes. As a building contractor, you can benefit as early as the construction phase. Your advantage: More living space and lower installation costs.

Our space-saving miracle

Because the systems are installed together, you save a great deal of space in system-tested installation with no space between components. This also applies in combination with metal pipes. Furthermore, instead of the RAUPIANO PLUS 5, you can use the RAUPIANO PLUS 9 to connect a bathroom and its toilet, shower, washstand and sink to a soil and vent pipe. The 100% flow rate makes this possible.

Cost-effectiveness in comparison to SML and HT
In a large property with 313 apartment units, investors and the executing company evaluated the installation with SML and HT compared to our systems. The result: Approximately 30% lower overall costs thanks to a more favorable use of materials and shorter assembly times.

The calculation was based on the list of materials. The installation times were taken from a third-party, independent study by Innung Spengler, Sanitär- und Heizungstechnik in Munich.