Sewer system solutions

Our experience speaks for itself

Our mission: Safety for generations

30,000 km of sewer systems in Europe are already equipped with our sewer pipe systems and optimally suited for the future – thanks to the durability of our systems. After comprehensive tests, LGA Nuremberg (Landesgewerbeanstalt Nürnberg) certified an operating life of at least 100 years for our Awaschacht PP DN 1000 and the Awadukt PP high-load sewer pipe system.

All advantages of our PP material at a glance

Real cost effectiveness in the overall account
According to the result of a poll we held with 450 participants throughout Germany, many investors believe that plastic shafts are more expensive than concrete solutions. However, if you view the acquisition and installation costs together, the picture changes quickly in favor of the plastic solutions. They then utilize all their strengths in operation: Extremely resistant to aggressive substances, they are the most cost-effective alternative in the long-term.

Sewer system solutions also for tough terrain
Low incline or constricted space conditions? Our references demonstrate how you can create intelligent solutions using our sewer pipe systems. These applications include property drainage and communal waste-water purification, water drain tasks in industry and agriculture and special water drain tasks in street, railway track, airport and tunnel construction, agriculture, commercial kitchens and gas stations.