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Company study elects REHAU for “Digital Champion”

Out of about the 10,000 largest German companies in more than 70 branches and fields, DEUTSCHLAND TEST with scientific help of Hamburgische WeltWirtschaftsInstitut (HWWI) chose the “Digital Champions”. With 87.5 points out of 100 points possible, polymer specialist REHAU belongs to the winners in the “Rubber and plastics industry” branch.

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Digitisation troubles companies - not only in Germany. As to how companies - whether smaller mid-size companies or globally active groups - approach this topic and which importance it has, this is what DEUTSCHLAND TEST has assessed with the scientific support of Hamburg WeltWirtschaftsInstitut (HWWI) and has determined the digital champions on the basis of questionnaires and web analyses.

Professor Henning Vöpel, Managing Director of HWWI sums up the survey: “In almost all companies digitisation is right at the top of the agenda.” But, frequently the topic focuses too closely on digitisation of procedures and processes in the factory. “Real transformation involves much more, however. It is about changing the complete company culture, from the organisation of cooperation, as well as procedures and processes to research and development which need to be transposed to permanent innovation,” explains Henning Vöpel. 

The emphasis of the survey was directed at the willingness of the company to act when it comes to the topic of digitisation and split into five topics: “data, processes, work, communication and digital transformation”. REHAU was convincing: More than a 100 companies in the rubber and plastics industry were taken under the magnifying glass. With 87.5 out of 100 points possible, the polymer specialist achieved a very good placement.  

“We are pleased very much about this award. Digital transformation is a central topic for us. It is our aim to make REHAU even more efficient, to develop new products, services and business models,” underlines Dr Stefan Thomas, Chief Digital Officer at the REHAU Group and manager of UNLIMITED X, the Innovation Lab of the REHAU Group. Upon establishing the digitisation platform, an internal network of technology experts, the Operation & Supply Chain Competence Center and upon inagurating UNLIMITED X, important milestones have been reached for digital transformation at REHAU, says Dr Thomas. Innovation Lab assists the REHAU Group and its divisions in case of uncertain topics and develops concepts with market potential. UNLIMITED X considers itself also as a pioneer for innovative topics, and with its work has contributed decisively to the success of digital transformation of the company. Dr Stefan Girschik, Deputy CEO of the REHAU Group affirms: “We have to continue to be strong in our core business in future, and in addition, we have to convince with innovative products and solutions. Digitisation paves the way. We have recognised the potential of this topic for REHAU, and will do everything to use our chances as best as possible