In february 2018 REHAU leads "REHAU HOMEGAS" into independence


The business model REHAU HOMEGAS initiated by the polymer specialist REHAU stands on its own feet. The globally active company will pass on the rights in the internally developed innovative and award-winning micro biogas plant to the CNG HOMEGAS start-up, thus leading it into independence.


The business model, which is sponsored by a number of official authorities in Africa and Europe, as well as private investors, and has attracted international attention in the press will then be in good hands. The company is being founded and led by the Zippel family, whose name is inextricably linked with the establishment of REHAU HOMEGAS in Kenya. Since setting up the pilot plant several years ago, Ernst Zippel – REHAU employee and co-inventor of the plant – has conducted valuable expansion work in Kenya and helped people to help themselves, sustainably improving the living conditions of the local population.

Ingo von Ramdohr, head of the international project funding in the Strategic Development Department at REHAU and co-developer of the micro biogas plant says: "We have launched REHAU HOMEGAS. We have accompanied its first steps, and developed it into a marketable commodity. Now the child can fend for itself."

Furthermore, Ingo von Ramdohr stresses that there will be no changes involved by the handover. "The business will continue as up to now, but with new management. In order to guarantee a smooth transition, REHAU will be transferring all rights of REHAU HOMEGAS to the startup CNG HOMEGAS (e.g. name and trademark rights) with this step.

The website, REHAU HOMEGAS hotline +254 798 090 909 and REHAU HOMEGAS product name; remain unchanged. The new contact details are: CNG HOMEGAS, Ms. L. Zippel,;; Tel. ++49 176 23283467.